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Volume VI, 2004 ($29 per copy plus postage)

  1. Thea Stein Lewinson, An Introduction to the Graphology of Ludwig Klages
  2. Vincenza De Petrillo and Alessandra Millevolte, The Four Temperaments of the Moretti Graphological System
  3. Vincenza De Petrillo, The Compatibility of the Couple
  4. Jacqueline Peugeot (Translated by Monique Stirling), Graphology as Applied to Children
  5. Renate Griffiths, The Wartegg Test (Its Use in Combination with Handwriting Analysis and the Tree Test)
  6. Renata Propper, Marie Antoinette Seen Through Her Handwritings
  7. Lois Vaisman, A Graphological Picture of Creativity and Mental Distress
  8. Patricia Siegel, Suicide: Graphological Perspectives
  9. Ruth Holmes and Sarah Holmes, Jury Consultants Using Handwriting In and Out of the Courtroom
  10. Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D., Form Level: Theoretical Considerations
  11. Renna Nezos and The Research Team of the British Academy of Graphology, Research for an Adjusted Form Level
  12. Multiple authors are listed in "Abstracts/Bios" section, In Memoriam

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