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Volume V, Fall 1999 ($25 per copy plus postage)

  1. Renna Nezos and The British Academy Research Team, A Research on Sublimation
  2. Madeleine Balnquefort d'Anglards, Motivations and Compensations
  3. Renata Propper, Dr. Hans Knobloch's Approach to Handwriting Analysis
  4. Evelyne Jeufroy, The Planetary Types in Handwriting: A Typology for a Better Understanding of Behavoir, Personality and Motivations
  5. Ursula Ave-Lallemant, The Star-Wave-Test, An Introduction and Test Guide
  6. Fiorenza Magistrali, The Star-Wave-Test developed by Ursula Ave-Lallemant
  7. Dafna Yalon, Assessment of Maturity and Distress in the Star-Wave-Tests of Five-Year-Olds
  8. Patricia Siegel, Printed Handwriting
  9. Marcel Matley, Neuroleptic Agents and Handwriting

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