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Volume IV, Winter 1995/1996 ($10 per copy plus postage)

  1. Ruth Elliot Holmes, Graphological Typology For Visionaries
  2. Herry O. Teltscher, The Swiss Nanny Case
  3. Thelma Imber Seifer, A Scientific Approach For Research In Graphology
  4. Suzy Ward, Indicators Of Sexual Abuse In Handwriting
  5. E. Edward Peeples & George Bishop, Alcohol Abuse Therapy & Handwriting
  6. Jeanette Farmer, Measuring Handwriting To Identify Thinking And Behavioral Styles In Four Quadrants Of The Brain
  7. Patricia Siegel, Value Of Graphological Training For The Handwriting Identification Expert
  8. Marc J. Seifer, High Stakes - The Gamble For The Howard Hughes Mormon Will

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