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Volume II, Autumn 1991 ($10 per copy plus postage)

  1. Renata Propper, Graphological Impressions Of Pablo Picasso And Georges Braque
  2. Alan Levine, M.D. & Matilda Lerner, The Personality Of Carl Sandburg
  3. Lois Vaisman with Virginia DeLeo, Children In Distress: The Graphological Viewpoint
  4. Patricia Siegel, Integrity And Handwriting
  5. Thea Stein Lewison, The Use Of Handwriting Analysis As A Psychodiagnostic Technique
  6. Werner Wolff, Ph.D., The Principal Of Configuration
  7. Daniel S. Anthony, The Nine Signature Protocol
  8. Thelma I. Seifer & Marc J. Seifer, Ph.D., A Right Brain Approach To Handwriting Analysis

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