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Society Conference Reports for 2012

Winter Conference

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tatiana De Barelli
The Child with an Umbrella:
A Tool for Understanding Self-Esteem and Defense Mechanisms

"The Child with an Umbrella" drawing test reveals much about self-esteem, relationships with other people, defensive attitudes, limitations, maturity, and constructive logic. Tatiana will provide an introduction to the drawing as a representation of the child’s mental landscape, the Umbrella test’s practical applications and limits, and the observation and interpretation of its main elements. Graphological analysis of handwritings will be evaluated in conjunction with the Umbrella test

Tatiana De Barelli is a Belgian graphologist and educational psychologist. She is also a teacher of other teachers and therapists, and has her own consultation practice for individual children. Among her credentials, Tatiana has a graduate degree in educational science from Brussels University and is the author, in collaboration with Graziella Pettinati, of Les Enjeux de l’Ecrire, a book about children’s drawings and writing.

Spring Conference

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Monique Stirling
Tension in Handwriting: A Workshop

Monique Stirling is co-director of the International Graphological Colloquium. She was born in Paris but lived mostly in England. She has a Diploma and an Advanced Degree in graphology from the British Institute of Graphology and has also translated a number of French graphology articles and books into English.

Tension in handwriting originates from within the individual. It results from how we handle the stroke as it progresses across the page and relates to contraction and release seen in the overall pattern of handwriting. The degree of tension indicates use of one’s will and adaptation, the flexibility of one’s attitude, and control over one’s emotions and drives. Monique will demonstrate, using a variety of handwritings, how understanding of tension can contribute to a better understanding of the writer in formulating an analysis.

Fall Conference

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Betty Rozakis
Know Yourself, Your Relationships and Your Solutions through Handwriting and Tree Drawings.

Along with handwriting analysis, Betty often requests a tree drawing from her clients. She shared several of her case studies as well as her own family’s handwritings. She showed her handwritings going back many years and up to the present day to reveal her emotional evolvement throughout her life. Her handwriting uncovered the influence of her husband on her and her handwriting. Likewise, she presented her husband’s handwriting and discussed her influence on him. In addition, Betty presented samples of people from her hometown with a short analysis of each one.

Betty has been a graphologist for over 20 years. She studied and earned a graphology diploma from The British Academy of Graphology, the only American ever to do so. She is the author of Coffee With the Subconscious, a personal book about how handwriting analysis has influenced her clients’ understanding of their lives and relationships.

Betty determines personality types and how they influence compatibility between people. She not only analyzes the clients’ handwriting, but the handwriting of those who have the closest relationships to them. It enables Betty to compare personality types, bring to light problem areas between them, and offer solutions for improvement. With the insights she gains from graphology, Betty can assist a client in reaching a clearer understanding of who they are. She continually strives to have a positive influence on them in order to bring out their true self.

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