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Society Conference Reports for 1996

Winter Conference

February 3, 1996

Vera Konig
MSW. Professor of Health Education, Nassau Community College
An Overview of DSM IV Personality Disorders with Case Histories and Handwriting Samples

Spring Conference

May 4, 1996

Dr. Rosalyn Muraskin
Associate Dean, School of Public Service, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice,
C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University

The Making of the Criminal

Dr. Muraskin has numerous publications to her credit. Among them is her latest book,Visions for Change: Crime and Justice in the Twenty-First Century. She is the editor of The Justice Professional and serves on the boards of three other journals. The recipient of numerous awards, she is also the past president of the Northeastern Association of Criminal Justice Sciences and is director/founder of the Long Island Women's Institute at C.W. Post. Dr. Muraskin discussed crime theories, including sociological, psychological and biological explanations, and criminal thinking patterns. The handwriting of the unabomber is one example.

Patricia Siegel
Workshop Evaluating Criminal Handwritings

Fall Conference

November 2, 1996

Evelyne Bissone Jeufroy
A Typology for a Better Understanding of Handwriting, Personality and Behavior

Madame Jeufroy described the graphological basis for determining the eight Planetary types in handwriting: Mars, Venus, Saturn, Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun and Moon. (She emphasized that this is not related to astrology.) Handwritings may relate to the pure types or combinations of these types. Madame Jeufroy pointed out that it is important to also evaluate what types are missing in a handwriting as indicative of what is missing in the personality. Handwritings of more developed personalities, such as Rudolf Arnheim, will reflect elements from a number of planetary types.

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