Thank you for your interest in the American Society of Professional Graphologists. Membership is open to those who want to know more about handwriting analysis or handwriting identification, at all levels, from student to professional.

The way we express ourselves in handwriting, the psychological and physiological aspects, is an individualized gesture. How we approach the page and move within it tells us much about the way we maneuver in our environment, in the world around us.

Please join us in our exploration of the psychology of handwriting.

Reduction in ASPG Membership Dues for 2017

Due to lowered expenses for online conferencing, the 2017 Membership dues is now $50. It will include all 2017 ASPG conferences for the year and the Newsletter when available. Those who become Members before the Nov. 5, 2016 conference will be able to register for the John Beck presentation without additional charge.

If you have already paid for the Fall or Winter Conference, you may opt for that payment to be considered part of your 2017 dues. Otherwise, fees are $25 per conference, excluding the Sept. 28, 2016 presentation which is free. Students who scan in a current student ID are not charged. There will no longer be an Associate category. Professional Members may keep that designation if they choose. Additional Professional Members will be considered upon review of qualifications.

ASPG membership fees can now be paid below.
Click on the "ANNUAL FEES" link -or- one of the listed "EVENTS" to remit by PayPal.

Click here to pay for the ASPG annual dues of $50
       DATE                                  CONFERENCE EVENT ($25 if not a Member) 
 Sep 28, 2016    Pat Siegel, "Introduction to Handwriting Analysis"
                                  NOTE: Free to all interested parties who register. —
                                   Click on
                                   to register for this event or call (516) 487-5287.
 Nov 5, 2016      John Beck, "Jung’s Archetypes for Graphologists, a Guide"
 Mar 4, 2017      Marcel Elfers, "One Reason, an Overview of Likeability"
 May 10, 2017    Annette Poizner, "Revelation of Self, using Graphology"

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