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The ASPG Journal Editors are keenly interested in receiving articles of interest, and invite graphologists and members of related professions to submit their work for consideration.


All submitted articles are reviewed by the Editors to determine their desirability and acceptability for publication. The information presented below provides guidelines for the appropriate organization and preparation of the initial manuscript.


Manuscripts should be divided into the following components: title page; abstract; text; references; figures; figure legends; tables; brief biography of author. All pages should be double-spaced. The text of the articles and other required components should either be sent on CD or transmitted electronically to the Email address below. It is preferred that figures and figure legends be scanned at a high resolution (of 300 DPI or greater and in JPEG format) suitable for publication and provided electronically. Alternatively, copies of figures can be mailed.

Helpful information on each component is described below:

  • Title Page: Specify full title and each author's name. In addition, indicate the name, mailing address, telephone, fax, and email address of the author who will be responsible for correspondence regarding the manuscript.
  • Abstract: An abstract of no more than 175 words is recommended. The abstract should appear on a separate page and provide the reader with an overall perspective on the nature of the paper, and any pertinent findings and conclusions.
  • Text: Number the pages consecutively starting with the title page as number 1.
  • References: For future articles, it is preferred that references are numbered in the order of appearance in the text.
  • Figures: Please provide 3 sets of clearly visible graphics and photographs. Each should contain a label indicating its number as it appears in the text. Please identify first generation copy to be used for publication.
  • Figure Legends: Each figure (e.g., handwriting, photo, drawing) should be numbered consecutively as it appears in the text. A brief description (1-3 lines) of the figure should be included. Please acknowledge reproductions from other publications.
  • Tables: Kindly number consecutively in arabic numerals. Each table should have a brief title on the same line with the numeral.
  • Biography: A brief (125 words) description of author's background, education, country of origin, graphological career, and other points of interest to readers.

Please carefully review and edit the manuscript prior to submission to the Journal. Particular attention should be devoted to simplification of language and organization and the elimination of errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Articles originally written in other languages may require the author to obtain a professional translation into correct English.

  1. Three copies of the manuscript and all graphics.
  2. Manuscript carefully edited and reviewed.
  3. Address, telephone, fax, and email of corresponding author.
  4. Pages sequentially numbered.
  5. References checked for accuracy.
  6. Include a computer disk with the exact final version of the article.
  7. Author's resume.
If you have any questions about the submission of Journal articles, please send an email to

Send all of the above to:

ASPG Journal
23 South Drive
Great Neck, N.Y. 11021

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