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The Journal endeavors to publish a broad range of research, studies, case histories and information to encourage a continuing dialogue and scientific exchange regarding the study of handwriting and graphic dynamics. We welcome you to join us in this experience.

Note: To review the contents (abstracts and biographies of the authors of articles), you can select one or more volumes by clicking on the volume number below [which will display a volume and it's articles by author]. Alternatively, you can click on a volume number in the menu located in the left margin for these volume descriptions


  • Volume #1 1989 Currently out of stock
  • Volume #2 1991 ( $5 per copy plus postage, 130 pages)
  • Volume #3 1993 ( $5 per copy plus postage, 102 pages)
  • Volume #4 1995 ( $5 per copy plus postage, 128 pages)
  • Volume #5 1999 ($10 per copy plus postage, 203 pages)
  • Volume #6 2004 ($10 per copy plus postage, 236 pages)

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