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Society Conference Reports for 2017

Winter Conference (Number 1)

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Maresi de Monchy
Movement in Handwriting

Writing is moving, and in the Western culture, moving forward. Movement in a handwriting is essential; not moving means standing still, in which case writing turns into drawing which does not necessarily require moving forward.

Therefore, writing is different from drawing. A graphologist observes movement as one of the characteristics of life in the handwriting and thus in the person who produces it. In this workshop, the theme movement will be explained and illustrated by handwritings with and without movement. The characteristics of movement has consequences for the analysis which will also be described.

Maresi de Monchy is from The Netherlands and is one of Europeís most respected graphologists. She is a psychologist, the former president of the Dutch Graphological Society, where she taught a multi-year program to become certified in graphology. She is a member of the Dutch Order of Graphologists, the European Graphological Association and the Dutch Institute for Psychological Help.

Winter Conference (Number 2)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Marcel Elfers
One Reason, an Overview of Likeability

Marcel Elfers is a master profiler through written communication. He is the author of We are the Same; Itís the Details that Differ and One Reason. Marcel combines handwriting analysis, statement analysis, and behavioral trend analysis in his professional work.

There is only one reason why people like you. Marcel Elfers explored what, why and how people think through the Enneagram. We all reveal ourselves through our behaviors and handwriting is no exception. Word selection and handwriting are intimately linked to the Enneagram. See a summary of Marcelís last presentation in this Newsletter to find out more about the Enneagram. For those of you who attended his May 2015 talk in New York, this presentation will have a more succinct Enneagram explanation but with more handwriting and statement analysis samples.

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