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Conferences & Special Lectures

Online Upcoming Events:

Alessandra Millevolte

Online Conference
    Date(s): Saturday, March 23, 2019
        Time: 12:00 pm EST (New York time). Concluding at 1:30 pm EST.,
                   (Online at 11:45 am EST for technical support/introductions.)

Handwriting and Assessment of Compatibility in the Work Team

People who are suitable and competent are not always able to express their skills in a given work situation. Much depends on the climate that is established with colleagues, the style of leadership, and how the person is compatible with other members of the team. Identifying the elements of attraction and conflict from the comparison of handwritings of a candidate with future bosses or colleagues provides clues that increase the possibility of success in the selection of that candidate. Alessandra will explain relevant criteria and demonstrate such comparisons and results with a number of handwritings she has worked on.

Alessandra Millevolte joins us from Italy where she is a veteran graphologist of 35 years, working mainly in personnel selection, vocational guidance and forensic expertise. Many of you will remember her March presentation on Resilience in Handwriting. Alessandra is also an expert in vocational training and personal development. Alessandra taught graphology for many years at Urbino University and LUMSA University in Rome. She is a former President of the Italian Graphological Association (AGI) and remains a member of its Technical and Scientific Committee. Alessandra has degrees in sociology and graphological techniques from Urbino University and has studied under Father L. Torbidoni, Moretti’s most well-known pupil. She has had a long-term collaboration with the Moretti Institute, representing the Morettian School at national and international conferences.

Her publications include, among others, the book La Scrittura and with Enza De Petrillo authored The Application of the G. Moretti Graphological System for English speaking graphologists.

Marie Anne Nauer

Online Conference
    Date(s): Saturday, May 4, 2019
        Time: 12:00 pm EST (New York time). Concluding at 1:30 pm EST.,
                   (Online at 11:45 am EST for technical support/introductions.)

Functional Job-Profiles and their Manifestation in Handwriting

Marie Anne Nauer, a graduate of the University of Zurich, specializes in Freudian psychoanalysis and handwriting psychology. She has her own practice in psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, psychodiagnostics, and graphology, as well as leadership consulting, conflict management, and coaching. She is President of the Swiss Graphological Society SGG, Director of the Institute for Handwriting Sciences of the SCG, and head of the Section of Handwriting Expertise.

Her scientific papers and publications include her work on psychoanalytical diagnostics in practical application and validation of handwriting psychology. In addition, she is a postgraduate lecturer for graphology in Zurich, London and Barcelona. Marie Anne has received the Renna Nezos Prize for Psychological Research in 2007 and 2010. She has two books published: Handwriting Research, Validation & Quality, co-edited with Yury Chernov (2018), and Who are YOU? Personal Identity in the Mirror of the Handwriting (2013).

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