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Conferences & Special Lectures

Online Upcoming Events:

Marie Anne Nauer

Fall Online Conference
    Date(s): Saturday, October 20, 2018
        Time: 12:00 pm EST (New York time). Concluding at 1:30 pm EST.,
                   (Online at 11:45 am EST for technical support/introductions.)

Pophal Reloaded: Handwriting as Brainwriting in Light of
                             Recent Research in Neuroscience,
                             Psychology, and Graphology

Recent research studies imply a possible improvement of the old theory of the physician and graphologist Rudolf Pophal, based on the neuroscience of that period. During recent decades, more and more his theory has been rejected and even ruled out by many modern graphologists. We will present the new PSI - Psychic Systemís Interaction - Model established by Julius Kuhl from Germany, based on recent studies in neuroscience, neurophysiology, and psychology, conceived by the author as the "Quadrifocal Brain." This furnishes a very handy model to renew the theory of Pophal, still quite useful, well known and practiced by many European graphologists since 1940.

We will explain with handwriting examples how to better understand the important role and modern concept of tension in handwriting. We will also discuss a possible implementation of the new model in handwriting analysis and its impact on the daily work of the practitioner.

Conference fees and Attendance Instructions

The individual registration fee for this presentation is $25 if you are not a Member.
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 To Register for Online Conferences: 
  • Professional Members and Associates: No charge, included in yearly dues.
  • Patricia Siegel's event is free for all who register
  • Marie Anne Nauer's event is $25 and free for students who provide a picture of a current student identification card when signing up
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