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Conferences & Special Lectures

Online Upcoming Events:

John Beck

Spring Online Conference
    Date(s): Saturday, May 19, 2018
        Time: 12:00 pm EST (New York time). Concluding at 1:30 pm EST.,
                   (Online at 11:45 am EST for technical support/introductions.)

Analyzing Counter-Dominants:
A Way to Extract Valuable Information from Handwriting

Modern graphologists are trained to recognize the dynamics of graphological patterns and clusters of indicators as they appear together in writing. When you first learned graphology, were you perplexed when one indicator seemed to run counter to another?

One single handwriting can have as many as five or more such contradictory indicators, and they can be of enormous value to analysts. Jung always said that at the heart of every major head-on conflict within a person lies the hidden answer to that personís psychological problem. It is in this spirit that we learn to recognize and analyze central conflicts within the writer.

Counter-dominantsí contribution to analysts cannot be underestimated. Their absence as a feature in graphology text books is, in John Beckís opinion, a major omission, and one that we can correct. In this presentation, John will show you how to recognize these contradictory features. You will not need to acquire any advanced graphological skills. Standard knowledge of handwriting movements will be all you need to work in this system.

John Beck comes to us from London and has given well received ASPG conference presentations in the past. He has been a professional graphologist for over 35 years and served as Chairman and Vice-Chairman for the British Institute of Graphologists. He was also invited by London University to give a series of lectures in their department of psychology. An active lecturer on graphology and Jungian Archetypes, he has presented internationally as well as on radio. He has worked extensively as a graphologist for business concerns in the UK and France, specializing in financial institutions.

The individual registration fee for this presentation is $25 if you are not a Member.
Click here to pay $25 for the May 19, 2018 conference by Paypal,  (For Members and Associates of ASPG there is no fee.)

 To Register for Online Conferences: 
  • Professional Members and Associates: No charge, included in yearly dues.
  • Patricia Siegel's event is free for all who register
  • John Beck's and Marcel Elfer's events are $25 each and free for students who provide a picture of a current student identification card when signing up
 Please RSVP to or call (516) 487-5287. 

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