The writing of Saddam Hussein

"To the entire population, to the soldiers in military services in armed
forces, to the entire Arabian population, to the Arabs in Europe, and to the
Arabs in the entire world"

Excerpts from a Handwriting Analysis of Saddam Hussein
By Thea Stein Lewinson, 1991

The writer is a very unusual individual. As a private person, he comes across as very dynamic. In public, he seems to be very controlled...  His primary aggressiveness is mainly denied and covered by actions of far stronger defensiveness. If somebody attacks him-- which can be caused by anything, because of his innate paranoid constellation--his ever aware mental ability takes the lead.  Then, intensive and aggressive defense actions will take over. His reactions are unpredictable; he is ready for countless surprises to his environment.

This man is intuitive... He is original. His ideas are very unconventional, and he finds solutions to difficult problems with ease. Furthermore, he has the ability and force to pursue his ideas. He has an enormous endurance... and does not accept any opposition. Whatever and whoever crosses his way will be eliminated, if necessary, by all means.

This individual has no feelings.  He is very tough and his emotions seem to be as hard as steel... He is very keen to camouflage and compensate for the deepest complexes with strong self-esteem. He has different methods of compensating for them: his spectrum ranges from convincing mildly to pure brutality. He is a good role player who knows how to deal effortlessly with very difficult situations...

He is rigid, revengeful and unforgiving. He shows no emotions and does not know any compassion for others... He keeps his plans and actions covert and private. He does not trust anybody completely...

In summary, this writer is a highly intelligent and gifted person with great individuality,  who applies his forces recklessly in the smaller as well as the bigger picture.  Do not  underestimate this individual; this would be a significant mistake on our behalf!

We thank Dr. Helmut Ploog for providing the article in German, Dr. James Keehner for allowing its publication and Susan Mueller for providing the translation.

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