The American Society of Professional Graphologists was founded with the aim of creating a society of professionals where research, study and education are central in expanding Graphology to it's full potential.  ASPG sponsors conferences, leads in research through it's Journal and ongoing projects as well as through professional classes in handwriting analysis and related subjects.  ASPG presents topical discourse in the field of graphic analysis according to the highest standards of academic excellence and brings light to bear through continuing education, conferences and it's Journal.  It is our fervent hope that the offerings of the society spur ever-increasing awareness of Graphology to both the general public and to practicing graphologists who wish to keep abreast of this field.

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Handwriting Analysis is the study of the graphics of printing and cursive writing to determine personality traits. Frozen in time and space, handwriting enables analysis of expressive movement. An analogous study would be the expressive dynamics of body language.

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